About us

We’re Linda and Rob. Vegan for 17 years. Foodies. Embracing a healthy, animal-friendly and earth-friendly lifestyle. Trying to make a difference. And happily enjoying kind indulgences along the way.

We know how much time it can take to research new places, products and services to find vegan-friendly options, especially as a non-vegan or new vegan or in new situations. From ingredients to vacation spots, menus and entertainment, we’ve done the research.

Sometimes there isn’t much information to find easily. Other times, there is SO MUCH information available that it’s hard to weed through it all and figure out where to spend your time and money.

We also know not everyone has the time or desire to focus on the details, especially when it comes to indulgences. We want being kind to other creatures, yourself and the environment to be easy and rewarding.

On top of that, we love to help people and research and plan!

The desire to help make veganism easy, accessible and fun led us to transition Kindly Indulge Me into a vegan concierge and lifestyle services company from what began as a vegan lifestyle blog back in 2009.

Our mission is to share information and resources that support a kind, enriched, vegan lifestyle. Ultimately, we hope to change the world by making kinder choices and helping others do the same.